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Bartender and Alcohol Seller/Server Certification Courses
Professional Server Certification Corporation (PSCC) offers an online Responsible Serving® courses to help you get certified to sell and serve alcohol in your state. PSCC's  online Responsible Serving® course is approved or recommended in more than 38 states. If you are a bartender or if you need to be certified to sell and serve alcohol in your state Click Here to find out if the Responsible Serving® course from PSCC can be used for training in your state. Once you graduate from the certification course, you will receive your wallet card and / or state license.

Bartender Training Online
The Bartender Mixology course will teach you everything you need to know to be a professional bartender including drink recipes, cream drinks, garnish & mixers, 2 liquor drinks, martinis, highball & Juice drinks, exotic drinks, wine drinks, hot drinks, shooters, customer service, and much more!  The course offers job placement assistance, giving tips on where to find jobs, and who will be hiring at any time. Click here to find out more.

Get your Entire Staff Certified in Responsible Serving® Online
PSCC also offers a FREE Employer Account that can help you get your entire staff certified in alcohol serving. The free employer account allows you to track the progress of your bartending staff as they move through the course. You will also be able  to print their certificates or archive their certificates*. Click here to find out how you can get your Responsible Serving® course at half price.

*Alcohol sellers/servers in Oregon and Washington will receive their official certificate in the mail
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Click on your state to find out more information about state requirements for selling or serving alcohol.

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